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The vision of the University is to become a research-led, interdisciplinary institution at par with premier educational institutions across the world.

The pillars of the University are the faculty and staffs members. They will be central to task of institution building. We are looking for individuals who will lead, exemplify and be responsible for the fulfilment of the University’s vision.

Email your application form to us at Please find standard application formats below. Kindly apply through standard application format only. Total No. of pages (A-4 size) of the application should not exceed 10 pages.

The IGTAMSU invite outstanding applicants with stellar record in both research and academics for faculty positions at all levels. The faculty position may be at Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant Professor Level. Candidates should have pleasing personality and excellent communication skills. Applicants should be qualified as per Statutory Councils and in absence of Statutory Council as per UGC. The successful candidate must be able to teach effectively and develop an active and significant research programme including securing research grants. Please don’t hesitate in sending your application form even in case of no current opportunities available for academic posts.

Please explore and apply for the current opportunities available in the following areas:

Application form for Academic Post may be downloaded from here.

Application form for Administrative Post may be downloaded from here.

Application form for Non-Teaching and Technical Post may be downloaded from here.

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